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Attacks: No attacks or potential attacks have been made public.

Algorithm: Changed algorithm from utilizing ERC-20 and had a swap to the Cryptonight framework (March, 2019).

Marketplace Redundancy: Listed on only one exchange, seen as a high risk to the cryptocurrency.


Communication: Spoke with their lead developer, Cryptotron, via Discord (March, 2019). At this time, I feel that they are slow to act on current projects and are lethargic in their developments when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Community: There is a small-sized development community, where development is found to be stagnant.

Deadline Completion

Timeline: No official roadmaps can be found.


Communication: No one in marketing is currently working on this project (May, 2019).

Social Media: Social media is not continuously updated (April, 2019).

Website: Website is built off WordPress and could have a sleeker appeal (April, 2019).


Methodology: Airdrops are being utilized which isn’t sufficient enough to harness a growing customer base (April, 2019).

Graphical User Interface

Explorer: BoldPrivate Network Explorer has been customized to have a sleek appeal, functionality is nominal (April, 2019).

Wallet: The official BOLD Wallet works excellent, functionality is nominal (March, 2019).

Market Supply

Premine: N/A

Current Market Supply: 4,407,762 BOLD

Maximum Market Supply: 7,777,777 BOLD

Additional Note #1: There is talk of ANOTHER swap later this year where there will be a 5 billion maximum supply.

Additional Note #2: I would highly advise to stay away from this cryptocurrency until they figure out their purpose, which I feel will continuously be changing for years to come.

Additional Note #3: I have heard that the new framework BOLD will be releasing is based on Phore.

Date of Publication: May 1st, 2019

Price on Publication: 0.00000112 BTC / $0.00402598 USD

Last Revision: May 1st, 2019

Bottom Line: Do Not Invest

Base Framework: Lyra

Algorithm: Cryptonight

Reassessment date: May 1st, 2020

Note: Reassessment date is not exact.
No reassessment will be made if current outlook remains the same.
If my monthly crypto check reveals anything of high regard, this review will be updated.