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Attacks: Had 7 days of downtime via an attempted 51% attack on their old (Ethhash) algorithm (March, 2019).

Algorithm: Changed algorithm to Frankmoto due to previous attack attempts (March, 2019).

Marketplace Redundancy: Listed on multiple major exchanges, including Bittrex.


Communication: Spoke with their Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Franko, via Discord (March, 2019). At this time, I feel that they are slow to act on current projects and are lethargic in their developments when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Community: There is a medium-sized development community, who release a staggered flow of new and sometimes innovative products.

Deadline Completion

Timeline: Missed multiple deadlines throughout the years. In many cases, timelines were blown out by more than a year. Perfect example was, which was in the works since September 2017, but came into production in January of 2019.


Communication: Spoke with their Vice President of Marketing, Marcia Lewis, via Discord (April, 2019).

Social Media: Social media is continuously updated (April, 2019).

Website: Website is built off WordPress and could have a sleeker appeal (April, 2019).


Methodology: No current adoption methods are being utilized. They have a ‘Build it and they will come’ mentality, however their marketing efforts are a sufficient step in adoption.

Graphical User Interface

Explorer: Expanse Block Explorer is very basic, but runs nominal (April, 2019).

Wallet: The official Luna Wallet has had some graphical user interface issues, but does not interfere with functionality (March, 2019).

Market Supply

Premine: 11,111,111 EXP

Current Market Supply: 10,495,278 EXP

Maximum Market Supply: 100,000,000 EXP

Additional Note #1: Meeting deadlines and quality of work seems to be an ongoing problem.

Date of Publication: May 1st, 2019

Price on Publication: 0.00003604 BTC / $0.192647 USD

Last Revision: May 1st, 2019

Bottom Line: Do Not Invest

Base Framework: Ethereum

Algorithm: Frankmoto

Reassessment date: May 1st, 2020

Note: Reassessment date is not exact.
No reassessment will be made if current outlook remains the same.
If my monthly crypto check reveals anything of high regard, this review will be updated.