Creating New Technology.. One Product at a Time.
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I’m passionate about product design and everything related. I lived in Orlando for four years and moved back up to Chicago, in early 2015. Since then, I launched Empline Innovations, which specializes in innovation and design. Thereafter, I helped introduce Poisar Development  which provides a wide range of specialized web-based services. Both organizations are located in the heart of Chicago. I’m skilled in a variety of industries which mainly include design and development and I am constantly critiquing and implementing new processes.

What I Do

I simplify and streamline cutting-edge technologies, find solutions to everyday problems by using a realistic and creative approach. My completed endeavors range across a wide array of different industries. As of early 2015, a few of my sizable accomplishments would be filing a multitude of patents across a wide array of industries, develop uncharted business models mainly within the product design industry and launch new organizations with very little downside risk.


Product Design



3D Printing and Scanning

Real-time prototyping is the newest industry standard. We currently use the Makerbot Z18 (3D printer) and the Makerbot Digitizer (3D scanner). Makerbot Industries has a lower learning curve and a great ease of use which produces a higher productivity among employees.

Patent Law

Ensuring our prototypes aren’t just our intellectual prototypes, but legally ours as well, is why we patent our concepts. I have personally patented many prototypes and thoroughly understand what it takes to be well protected.

Computer-Aided Design Software

Computer-based technology composes the foundation of what we specialize in. Running AutoDesk’s AutoCAD 2016 helps streamline our design processes. Scaling a concept to be larger or making tweaks have never been easier since using CAD software.

Interactive Prototyping Platforms

One of the very first endeavors, after running our proprietary SWOT analysis on each product, is interactive prototyping. We combine digital sketches, images and mock-ups which are inputted digitally to create realistic prototypes.



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