Scenic view of arid hills during a long drive back to Chicago.
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The 30 Hour Drive Back to Chicago

Well the presentations in Los Angeles went off without a hitch and the waiting game begins for companies to respond.
With that said, I found it would be easier to move into my condo out in Chicago since my tenant’s lease is set to expire.
I have all my 3D printing equipment and technology back in the windy city. I’ve been without it for nine months now.
Trying to do everything on the road is much easier said than done. , i’d rather just fly out to the west coast when needed.
Not to mention i’ll just keep paying on part of a house that I rented near The Great Mall in Milpitas.
It was all fun while it lasted, that’s for sure. I’ll really miss all the people and innovation out in California.
Arnold Schwarzenegger really summed it up in The Terminator when he said “I’ll Be Back“.

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